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  • Get insight in your cost of (non) quality
  • Create a sense of urgency in the organization
  • Build a strong team to deliver results
  • Create a multi-year plan for your organization
  • Manage focussed improvement to deliver results
  • Manage issues effectively

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Rob Kooijmans - Food Safety Experts

Very few Quality Managers are already doing all of this, even fewer get the results they want!
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I really liked the webinar and think it helps clarify important issues and suggests a roadmap needed to begin having a better focus and results.

Francis Watson Aramburu - Quality Manager / Lead Instructor FSPCA
Independent Service Prodivder

It provided a proven roadmap to help influence upper management to see the value if quality as well as the potential losses related to non-quality

Kevin Dantzler - Food Safety and Quality Professional
Catelli Brothers

I was referred here by my friend in the office. After watching the online seminar my sence of the importance of quality has been awakened. I just can't wait to start implementing some of the things I have learnt!

Samson Baro - Quality Systems Officer
FrieslandCampina WAMCO Nigeria PLC

I found the information very informative and the webinar provided the necessary focus for improving our Quality Culture.

Sarah Millers - Quality Assurance & Administration Manager
Van Dyck Fine Foods Ltd.